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What does it take to be an Ambitious Insurer?

If you listen to economists and analysts long enough, they'll be eager to tell you how the insurance industry is in a stall zone.

The same people may even dub the space as difficult, complex or anti-consumer, spending more on trying to fix perceptions and wasting more than they gain.

And, whilst few would argue that insurance has kept pace with the advancements in other sectors such as retail, would you believe us if we said change is coming?

Or that we could help you change that?


Digital is everything. But is it human?
Will claims ever be the same?


Embedded Insurance

Through our Coretech digital insurance platform, we enable Ambitious Insurers to leverage cloud-first technology to provide services that set the standard for the industry, seamlessly integrating around you, your business strategies and your customers.

At EIS, we've engineered a solution that removes every obstacle to give you the freedom to pursue and achieve your strategic goals.

So, no matter if you're trying to grow market share or enter new markets with new products - or engaging experiences - we're on hand to help deliver increased revenue, slashing operational costs as we go.

We support and allow Ambitious Insurers the ability to transform their businesses, even helping you set the path to net zero.

Discover the three principles driving every great Ambitious Insurer

At EIS, we abide by these three principles. It is these principles that set apart the insurer from the Ambitious Insurer.

Innovative digital-first experiences matter

These days, insurers face two options: step up, adapt, and stay relevant - or get left behind. The last few years highlighted just how important technology is, and businesses across numerous other sectors are already starting to flourish from increased adoption.

Now, it's the turn of the insurance sector; it's time for the Ambitious Insurer.

We enable Ambitious Insurers to leverage cloud-first technology to provide services that set the standard for the industry, seamlessly integrating around you, your business strategies and your customers. We choose to start by leveraging data, showing it shouldn't just be seen as the oil in the machine but instead as a tool to be more human.

How you innovate with more transparency and personalised accuracy will be one of the critical deciding factors in who wins this race.

But, it’s not just leveraging the data; it’s transforming that process into a digital-first approach.

Innovative digital-first experiences matter
Customers at the heart of your business

Customers at the heart of your business

In the new era of insurance, products offer customer value constantly.

Ambitious Insurers start by putting customers at the heart of their ecosystems and focusing on being adaptable, embedded and removing risk. Doing so helps change insurance from an annualised product to one that customers continuously interact and engage with.

Delivering a unique solution built around the customer, our modern cloud-native architecture, coupled with our insurance-ready administration capabilities, set us apart.

When you free yourself from legacy, outdated technology, you immediately remove complexity and gain control.

Transform for a better future

Ambitious Insurers know that with new technology often comes greater efficiencies and reduced operational costs.

Placing the right technology in the right place frees up human capital enabling them to focus on providing value, not fighting with systems. The value extends to carbon neutrality, which is already emerging as a defining force in this industry.

Insurers, on the whole, are heavily impacted by the environment - and they're huge investors, too, so they can play their part.

However, Ambitious Insurers will go one step further, helping drive organisations toward carbon neutrality and net zero goals.

Transforming for a better future
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Does more digital mean less human?

Does more digital mean less human?

The pandemic ushered us into a digital-first, always-on world. Whilst many predicted this would last until we were on the other side of COVID, it looks to be going nowhere.


Can data win the race for sustainability?

Insurance isn’t alone in rising to the challenges of climate change. But in doing so, there are two key questions we must ask; 1) how can the insurance industry operate better? 2) what more can the industry offer to affect this? To help answer, we look at the role data has to play in sustainability.


Embedded Insurance

The advent of native core systems means the insurance industry can better track, analyse and engage with its customer. Such data means we can now better personalise experiences and distribute products and services. It also means insurers can positively influence behaviour and mitigate risk. We call it Embedded Insurance 2.0 and the possibilities are radical.