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Case Studies

Case Study

How esure is Fixing Insurance for Good.

Faster, more flexible, scalable, employee and customer first and always one step ahead. In conjunction with the EIS platform, esure has ‘fixed insurance for good,’ for today and tomorrow and it’s simply brilliant.

Case Study

Tower Insurance Case Study: Digital Transformation and Fiji Rollout

When Tower Insurance turned to the EIS platform, it didn’t just simplify their product portfolio, it saw an 11% growth in new customers.

Case Study

Tower Insurance Case Study: Creating a Better Customer Experience

By implementing the EIS platform, Tower’s digital capabilities have placed the customer first, making insurance more accessible with a simple online portal and easy payment across all operations, including the Pacific.

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Does more digital mean less human?

Does more digital mean less human?

The pandemic ushered us into a digital-first, always-on world. Whilst many predicted this would last until we were on the other side of COVID, it looks to be going nowhere.


Can data win the race for sustainability?

Insurance isn’t alone in rising to the challenges of climate change. But in doing so, there are two key questions we must ask; 1) how can the insurance industry operate better? 2) what more can the industry offer to affect this? To help answer, we look at the role data has to play in sustainability.


Embedded Insurance

The advent of native core systems means the insurance industry can better track, analyse and engage with its customer. Such data means we can now better personalise experiences and distribute products and services. It also means insurers can positively influence behaviour and mitigate risk. We call it Embedded Insurance 2.0 and the possibilities are radical.

Ambition Is...

Discover what ambition means to the EIS team.

Alec Miloslavsky


Ambitious insurers are challengers who want to break free from the norm, who embrace the values and principles that drive change and success. They are the type to focus on a customer centric model which creates the best customer experience. They are the game-changers who move away from transactional, one-dimensional relationships to strengthen the relationship between themselves 
and their customers.

Pierre Van Meerbeeck

Client Executive

Ambitious insurers have a relentless drive to achieve greater value for their customers. They have the desire to break through rigid product structures, with an aim of creating a customer-first digital experience by opening up their ecosystem to create highly personalised and engaging customer journeys and so experiences.

Jennifer Bauer

Healthcare Transformation Architect

Ambitious insurers don’t see ambition as a dirty word. They know it’s what allows people and organisations to succeed for the benefit of all those around them and they know technology is changing the face of insurance for a better, customer-centric experience. They understand that harnessing modern technology can provide value in new and unexpected ways. It gives both them, and their customer, more data and so more intelligence at their fingertips than ever before.

Bob Meier

Healthcare and Benefits Product Marketer

Ambitious insurers are those who are no longer satisfied with the status quo. They are not followers and aren’t interested in “just getting by.” The ambitious insurer is someone who isn’t looking for tech to be a band-aid that covers an existing problem, but rather they are looking for technology which is forward thinking and as equally ambitious as they are about their goals and one which combines with the human experience to create the ultimate, customer centric experience.

Steven Park

Healthcare Transformation Program Director

Ambitious insurers are always looking to improve, with an aim to enhance their expertise and ability to collaborate in order to deliver a great customer experience through innovation. They don’t look at technology as a silver bullet, but rather as a way to enable them to do more and complement their overall transformation towards greater customer centricity.

Geoff Walton

VP World Wide Professional Services

Ambitious insurers understand that one size doesn’t fit all. They are looking to step away from the status quo, to remove the idea of “people like you”, to discover the diverse needs of their consumers so that they can deliver both a better product, and a better customer experience. An ambitious insurer aims to surprise and delight their customer whilst demonstrating a deeper understanding of the individual and their unique circumstances.

Jess Hurley

P&C, General Insurance Global Marketing Lead

Ambitious insurers look beyond the present day with an eye to the future, so they can better meet their customers digital needs. They understand that technology is a tool, part of their larger story, which aids them in engaging with their customers and partners more effectively. The ambitious insurer is one who understands that customer centricity makes for a better experience as well as happier and more loyal customers which will always put them ahead of the competition and give them the edge.

Steve O’Connor

General Manager, CloudCore

Ambitious insurers understand that to be customer centric means putting the customer and the customer’s experience at the forefront of all you do. They know that changing the way a customer interacts with them, whether buying insurance, or contacting about a claim, ultimately changes the customer experience. A better, more tailored customer interaction can lead to more loyalty, better conversations and the knowledge that they are part of a much larger story.

Elizabeth Jessen

Client Executive, World Wide Services

Ambitious insurers have the knowledge that being ambitious means to never settle, always grow, learn and improve, especially when they are taking the lead into new ways of working with their customers. They want to better understand how their customers prefer to do business in order to offer an enhanced customer experience when working with them. They know that technology can play a part in this story, giving them the edge and raising the stakes when it comes to a more customer-centric experience.

Ema Roloff

Director of P&C Sales

Ambitious insurers believe that people should be at the centre of everything they do. They know they support customers during some of the toughest moments in life, and having a policy number, instead of a person, at the centre of your thought process won’t cut it when it comes to the customer experience. The ambitious insurer recognizes that digital transformation is about putting the customer back at the heart of what they do, and with the right technology, they can focus on empathetically getting their customer back to normal life, faster.

Vinod Paluri

VP Product & Technology

For ambitious insurers the customer is key, and the key to your customers is data. Data and information need to be at the fingertips of everyone, including insurance policyholders and other stakeholders, because when you have all the information that’s when you begin to see real innovation. Access to data is central to successful digital transformation as well as creating a better experience for all. To be customer-centric you need to have a single view of them at any given point in time which creates a deeper connection by being able to bring a wealth of information together to best serve your customer.

Transform for a better future

Eliminate big bang upgrades and technical debt forever. With new technology comes greater efficiencies and reduced operational costs. The Ambitious Insurer doesn't have to stop at helping others, but it can also help itself - and the environment. We help drive down costs, increase acquisitions and help you meet net-zero goals.

Customers belong at the heart of your business

We’ve moved beyond the market to create an API-rich, cloud-native Coretech Platform that can be tailored to the exact needs of our clients and their customers. Our microservices-enabled ecosystem ensures Ambitious Insurers can evolve on the fly to meet their customers where they are.

Innovative digital-first experiences matter

Ambitious Insurers want the ability to evolve their system on the fly without interrupting service or having to centralise all of the changes through the IT department, enabling them to react to changing market forces and customer demands.