Ambition is...

Ambitious insurers are always looking to improve, with an aim to enhance their expertise and ability to collaborate in order to deliver a great customer experience through innovation. They don’t look at technology as a silver bullet, but rather as a way to enable them to do more and complement their overall transformation towards greater customer centricity.

Steven Park
Healthcare Transformation Program Director

Transform for a better future

Old, outdated systems can be the root cause of inefficiencies, missed potentials and frustrations. And so, for anyone striving to become the Ambitious Insurer, it can only be possible by a willingness to embrace “next”. It’s about future-proofing yourself with a data-fluid architecture that has the enterprise-grade performance you need.

We can all do more when it comes to being responsible for our customers, our teams, and our environment - and technology is critical in that aim.

The global push for sustainability has brought emerging technologies to light and, with it, a collective goal for a net-zero future shared by governments of several countries.


Greenfield Insurance Best Practices


The Greenfield Field Guide for Insurers: Is Greenfield the Right Approach for Your Digital Transformation?

The role that you, the Ambitious Insurer, plays will continue to evolve, but the value and technology of carbon neutrality will be significant.

With new technology comes greater efficiencies and reduced operational costs - those benefits alone should be enough to make organisations sit up and take note. However, in our industry, the Ambitious Insurer doesn't have to stop at helping others, but it can also help itself - and the environment. We help you drive down costs, increase acquisitions and meet net-zero goals.

Does more digital mean less human?

Does more digital mean less human?

The pandemic ushered us into a digital-first, always-on world. Whilst many predicted this would last until we were on the other side of COVID, it looks to be going nowhere.


Can data win the race for sustainability?

Insurance isn’t alone in rising to the challenges of climate change. But in doing so, there are two key questions we must ask; 1) how can the insurance industry operate better? 2) what more can the industry offer to affect this? To help answer, we look at the role data has to play in sustainability.


Embedded Insurance

The advent of native core systems means the insurance industry can better track, analyse and engage with its customer. Such data means we can now better personalise experiences and distribute products and services. It also means insurers can positively influence behaviour and mitigate risk. We call it Embedded Insurance 2.0 and the possibilities are radical.


Choosing a Greenfield approach might be one of the easiest ways to initiate a digital transformation at speed and with the greatest control. Explore how they can pave the way for greater success along with insights into digital transformations.


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Customers belong at the heart of your business

We’ve moved beyond the market to create an API-rich, cloud-native Coretech Platform that can be tailored to the exact needs of our clients and their customers. Our microservices-enabled ecosystem ensures Ambitious Insurers can evolve on the fly to meet their customers where they are.

Innovative digital-first experiences matter

Ambitious Insurers want the ability to evolve their system on the fly without interrupting service or having to centralise all of the changes through the IT department, enabling them to react to changing market forces and customer demands.